Ivanka Killed Millennial Pink

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Millennial pink is dead. Death to millennial pink.

On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump wore the color while speaking at the Bipartisan Policy Center in DC to discuss paid family leave, and she clearly did not coordinate with her interviewer BPC fellow Adrienne Shweer, who was also wearing the shade.


“Don’t shut down the conversation as it’s gaining momentum,” Trump said to lawmakers. “We need a bipartisan solution if this is actually going to be signed into law.” Trump added that she’s interested in finding people from both sides of the aisle who are interested in getting things done (wow, how interesting.)

“I really value the fact that people are willing to roll up their sleeves and work with us on the issues that they agree on,” she said, as I continued to throw out my millennial pink towels, iPhone case, dishes, curtains, blankets, throw pillows, toilet paper, and other items that I bought online in a haze after the color was trending like crazy last year.


Where once you might have associated millennial pink with, I don’t know, Drake or Glossier or a fresh bouquet of peonies you just plucked from your garden, it’s all Ivanka’s now.

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