Ivanka Is 'Most Powerful' While Melania Is Not

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In their annual list of the 100 most powerful women, Forbes lists the names of very rich women. Every year they list the names!

“This year, the 15th annual list welcomes 20 newcomers, but what’s notable is who’s moved out, up and down, making way for emerging leaders who are redefining the chief seat and bringing others along with them,” Forbes declared this year, describing what a list is. What’s also notable is that Melania Trump has neither moved out, up, or down because again, like last year, she is not on the list.


Ivanka Trump, however is on the list at number 24 because, as Forbes reasons, she is “the de facto First Lady as her step-mother Melania prefers to avoid the limelight.” In listing her accomplishments, Forbes lists basically no accomplishments. “While it’s unclear how impactful her role is, Ivanka is focusing on policy areas such as paid family leave and promoting women in science.” The list is not the 100 most focused women, though, is it?

Still, we can expect Melania to continue to Instagram “Be Best” every few months until she makes the list. We wish her luck.

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