Ivanka Will Try Opening a Retail Space in Manhattan Again, This Time in Trump Tower

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As we all know by now, Ivanka Trump is a political operative and a business owner, and also she is neither. She “tries to stay out of politics” and works in the White House as an advisor. She resigned from nearly 300 leadership positions within her family’s real estate empire, but ha still received many millions from said business ventures this year (according to the New York Times). So it comes as no surprise that an Ivanka Trump brand store is slated to open this fall in Manhattan’s Trump Tower, across the street from a trailer full of Secret Service agents.

An advertisement for the store was first spotted by Politico reporter Annie Karni.


This would be Ivanka’s second attempt at opening a physical retail space in Manhattan. The first, a Soho location opened in 2011, shuttered in 2015 because, according to the Times, “it was not profitable enough.”

Ivanka hasn’t had great luck hawking her accessories through online retailers lately either. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sears, and several others dropped Ivanka’s jewelry and household items lines earlier this year, each offering pretty much the same explanation: it just wasn’t selling.


Then Kellyanne Conway may have violated federal law and accurately represented herself as heartstoppingly unscrupulous when she told TV viewers back in February to, “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff.”

Soon you really will be able to “go buy it,” literally, physically, shamefully in-person. Or pick something up from the inevitable retail hub that’ll go up next to the Secret Service trailer, Ivanka’s direct competitor, a stand that sells anti-Trump souvenirs and I-heart-New-York wears.

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