Ivanka Couldn't Even Get Her Dad to Wear Eclipse Glasses

This b*tch did it! Image via AP.

On Monday afternoon, a pulsating, orange orb unable to resist devouring anything in its proximity stared at the Sun, despite being warned not to by his daughter and the scientific community.

Here’s Trump doing the only thing you’re not supposed to do during a solar eclipse.

“Sun me right into my face.” Image via Getty.

As he looked up, someone in a group of aides reportedly shouted, “Don’t look!” He later donned a pair of eclipse-suitable spectacles and was joined by young Barron, wearing a white-on-white ensemble.

The President’s impulse decision to look into a solar eclipse despite the overwhelming risk of being blinded is yet another rebuke to the scientific community, and to his daughter Ivanka Trump, currently serving as his special assistant—a position that is turning out to be more ceremonial (“Who’s Daddy’s special assistant?”) than practical, given that he ignores everything she asks him to do, and frequently does the opposite.


Still, despite her utter ineffectuality, Ivanka managed to enjoy the eclipse at the National Air and Space Museum:


And documented her experience with “#STEM,” as if the simple use of the hashtag christens one a friend of facts, even while she works at the greatest enemy to science since the Discovery Channel.

Meanwhile, Eric Trump also enjoyed the eclipse from a rooftop in New York City. The girl in pink is giving off very “me” vibes.


Yasssss NASA, but only when you’re talking about space not when you get bitchy and talk about climate change!!!!!!!!!!!


The whereabouts of Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump were unclear. Last we heard from Tiffany, she was near boats.

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