Ivana Trump Seems to Think Don Jr’s Ex-Wife Has 5 Children, But.... Not Don Jr?

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Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first ex-wife, seems to have a muddled understanding of what it takes to make a baby. According to her, the only person in the above photo who is a parent is Vanessa and not Don Jr., her bloated, cheating-ass son!!

In an interview with the New York Post, the former Mrs. Trump said that her precious big baby Don will have absolutely no problem finding a new woman, but his wife might. Because...she’s a...mother!

“Donald Jr. is a good-looking guy. He is successful. He is not going to have a problem to find a girl,” she said. “Maybe Vanessa might have a little problem because she has five kids . . . who is going to date and marry the woman who has five children? Especially since she is young [40] and she might want to have more.”


Donald Jr. is many things: Complicit—sure. A man who cannot keep his lil’ doinger to himself—definitely! Another thing that he definitely is, though we sometimes forget—distracted as we are by multiple reports of what his dick do—is a father. Of five!

These children were not sprung from the earth fully formed, like weird Greek gods—a man (Don Jr) had sex with a woman (Vanessa, sorry babe) and that sex (sorry everyone!) resulted in babies! Someone should tell Ivana!

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