It's So Funny That Jim Gilmore Is Still Running For President

We can all learn a little something from the apparently unbreakable spirit of GOP presidential candidate Jim Gilmore, who was recently found eating spaghetti alone at his empty NH primary watch party.

The former Virginia governor received 125 votes—that’s 125 votes total, and 113 more than he got in Iowa—in the New Hampshire primary. Vermin Supreme, a fake candidate who dresses like a wizard, received more votes than him. So did Rick Santorum, who wasn’t even running anymore. Today, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, both of whom received enough votes in the primary to generate actual percentage points, dropped out of the race.


Who is Jim Gilmore, even? I don’t really know. I recently realized, with a jolt, that while reporting in New Hampshire this weekend my colleague Joanna and I could have feasibly been standing right next to Jim Gilmore in line for sandwiches or something and simply not realized, because how could we possibly recognize him? But Jim Gilmore has dug his heels in, and boy, is he here to stay!


Isn’t he tired?

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