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If you live in Georgia, there is a chance this week that Oprah may come knocking on your door to ask you to vote for Stacey Abrams, and all I can say is: everyone in Georgia stay home this week at all costs.


On Wednesday, Buzzfeed News reported that Winfrey is headed to Georgia to campaign for Abrams, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee who currently holds a slight lead over her rival, Brian Kemp, Georgia’s secretary of state.

Oprah will be holding two town halls with Abrams on Thursday and then doing some good old get out the vote work. According to BuzzFeed, this level of on-the-ground support from Oprah is rare—one of the few people she’s campaigned with in person, other than Abrams, is Barack Obama, during his first presidential run in 2008.


Oprah is not the only big name that’s coming out in support of Abrams—Barack Obama will be holding a rally for Abrams on Friday, and even Will Ferrell recently went to Georgia to door knock for Abrams.

Meanwhile, Kemp’s supporters include a slew of white nationalists, from Donald Trump to this dude. Kemp, a man who has vowed to pass the nation’s toughest anti-abortion law if elected, among other extremely alarming positions, has come under severe criticism for his aggressive attempts at voter disenfranchisement, leading Jimmy Carter, our beloved, milquetoast former president to call on Kemp to step down from his role as secretary of state.

C’mon, Georgia!!! You can do it! Listen to Oprah!!!

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