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If eating too much red meat and walking yourself right up to the edge of a stroke over racist conspiracy theories has taken a toll on your skin, I have good news.

Racked reported on Tuesday that racist and deeply misogynistic conservative maniacs Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have been selling beauty and skincare products for like-minded alt-right dudes who also care about preventing sun damage and wrinkles.

Cernovich’s line consists of several nootropics (think: the drug in Limitless) and a youth serum through his company Gorilla Mind; podcaster Joe Rogan also sells nootropics and personal care products like body wash. But the most comprehensive offerings seem to come from Jones, via the Infowars website.

From Racked:

The Infowars exclusive brand, Emric‚Äôs Essentials, is the second listed category on the Infowars Shop, above such categories as Water Filtration, Emergency Preparedness, Personal Protective Gear, and branded Infowars merch such as T-shirts, hats, and ‚ÄėTrump gear.‚Äô The collection of skin care products is small, consisting of an unscented body wash, a tea tree oil shampoo, bug spray, SPF 30 lotion, and deodorant.


These guys know their demo. Nothing like protecting your skin from the sun‚Äôs harsh rays and smelling good while you‚Äôre writing blog posts about sexual coercion, screaming on YouTube about how victims of gun violence are false flags, or fantasizing about some off-grid apocalyptic shit. I say, I hope these men enjoy sinking their money into a never-ending confusing enterprise‚ÄĒcaring for your skin to achieve some standard of physical perfection‚ÄĒthat drags on well into old age, because my feminism doesn‚Äôt stop until everyone has to suffer through this with me. Thank you.