I'm With Whistleblow(Her)*

Image: Jim Cooke (Shutterstock)

I would like to engage in a brief thought experiment: what if the whistleblower currently wreaking havoc in our nation’s capital is a woman? What if every report about the whistblow(her) being a man is part of a larger plan orchestrated by the whistleblower to throw us off her scent? Maybe the whistleblower is Fearless Girl. Maybe it’s the ghost of Amelia Earhart. Perchance it is the woman skunk that Pepe Le Pew chases. Maybe it’s Rosie the Riveter or a sentient pussy hat. I do not know for sure, but to the brave (wo)man who took a stand, I need you to know: I’m with you.

*The whistleblower is not a woman. It is a man.


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