I'm Very Proud to Announce That the Melania Trump 'Be Best' Egg Totally Sucks

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Screenshot: American Egg Board

I’m sorry to inform you of this sad news, but my friend and colleague Ashley Reese has been canceled. The time of cancelation was 10:30 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. The cause? Her highly suspect opinion on this year’s White House commemorative Easter Egg.

Aside from being a clear marketing ploy by Big Egg (the annual commemorative egg is “a gift from the American Egg Board on behalf of America’s egg farmers”), the egg is clearly bad, and looks like the unholy spawn of one of those soaps shaped like cupcakes and an unfortunate hen. “A child will try to eat the egg and get a mouthful of glass or whatever,” said Jezebel senior editor Katie McDonough. I agree. It is the Tide Pod of commemorative eggs, a danger to children everywhere—ironic, given that it’s meant to celebrate the First Lady’s ill-fated “Be Best” initiative.


Eggs are generally good (Big Egg has gotten to me, true), but this egg is bad.

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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Ashley Reese

wow okay bitch