If This Brave Child Can Stutter on National TV, You Can Call Your Mother Back

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Adults everywhere are terrified of doing the smallest, most pedestrian tasks, like calling their mother back, answering the phone when their doctor calls, or making dentist appointments for themselves. These adults are scared of the telephone—quaint. I respect anyone and everyone’s tendency towards real or fake “introversion,” but if Brayden Harrington can find the strength to read a speech on national television, then you can, too!

On the final night of the DNC, Harrington bravely stood in front of a webcam in his bedroom and read a speech praising Joe Biden for giving him the strength to speak publicly despite his stutter.


The DNC has been a long, strange trip that culminated in Grampa Joe accepting the nomination, but the one highlight of the proceedings, aside from Rhode Island’s calamari, was Harrington’s willingness to be both vulnerable and brave.

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This was great to watch, and ALSO a smart political move. One of the biggest swipes the Right takes at Joe Biden is what appear to be “senior moments” where he stammers or stumbles over words that are likely borne of his stutter. Having Brayden speak addresses this head-on and acts as a reminder that when Fox News and Trump and Donnie Jr. and their fan club on Twitter, or when the people who want to knock Joe Biden for being “senile” and fumbling over his words from time to time (which people with stutters do!), they are making fun right out loud where people like Brayden can hear them and are also making fun of kids like him. It kinda lays bare the schoolyard bullying tactics, doesn’t it?