I Think I Know Where Lincoln Chafee Is

PHILADELPHIA — A spokesperson for former Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee has announced that he is not, in fact, attending the Democratic Convention. He is on a family vacation. This news has abruptly ended my impassioned three-day search.


From the Providence Journal:

A spokeswoman for the former Rhode Island governor says he is out of the country this week on a long-planned family trip. She did not give details.

Asked about his absence, the state Democratic Party said Chafee is not a sitting governor or member of Congress and did not run as a delegate.

As we’ve been repeatedly tipped, it would appear that Linc is in Brazil supporting his daughter Louisa, who is a member of the U.S. Olympic sailing team.

Am I heartbroken? Yes. Am I done looking for Lincoln? Never. If you are in Brazil, feel free to pass out our flier. If you spot him at the Games, let me know.

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