'I Believe Donald': This Is the Face of Trump's Insane Supporters

This morning, CNN sat down with a group of people who willingly called themselves Donald Trump supporters on national television. I’d like to say that something about the segment was interesting or or surprising, but things immediately festered in the exact piping hot vat of delusion that I imagined it would.

Trump supporter Susan DeLemus (Update: who we’ve learned is a New Hampshire State Representative) went on a completely unhinged one-minute rant about about why she plans on voting for Donald Trump and somehow managed to say absolutely nothing. The transcript:

We’ve got people in positions of power who I know for a fact are liars. LIARS. I watch the TV—my president comes on the TV and he LIES to me. I know he’s lying! He lies all the time. I don’t believe any one of them! Not one. I believe Donald. [background: Mm-hm. Exactly.] I’m telling you. He says what I’m thinking! Never been involved in politics, never had an interest in any of it. Now, suddenly, he is resonating. He is resonating with the people and he’s speaking our minds. Our minds! When the “pundits,” and the “experts,” and all the people who are supposed to be “in the know,” and know all this stuff, and they’re so great—I know, some of them, maybe not all, but some of them are lying to me. Straight to my face. And I am so sick of it.


Like her candidate, DeLemus offers no specifics about any issues and instead makes sweeping claims and generalizations about the president and media pundits. She says that she “knows for a fact” that President Obama is a liar (although she never references him by name, so I can’t confirm that DeLemus actually knows who the current President is).

DeLemus wails that Trump “says what I’m thinking,” which is both terrifying and a confirmation that Donald Trump’s popularity stems from the fact that he has become the voice for paranoid racists who continue to pollute this country with their presence.

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I’ve never understood people who want their elected leaders to be as dumb as they are.