How Many Seconds of This Interview with Donald Trump Can You Watch Before Your Soul Leaves Your Body?

On Monday evening, Axios aired an interview with Donald Trump, during which he, in typical fashion, said some truly dumb shit. Because I have some self-respect, I refused to watch (what would I learn that I didn’t already know?), but unfortunately, clips from the interview kept on being thrown my way, like piles of flaming shit.

So I tried to watch the above video, which at the very least was an exercise in fortitude. How many seconds of Trump could I watch before I felt my soul disassociate from my body and float away, possibly upwards but most likely (sorry mom) down to the depths of hell?


I made it 17 seconds in. If you hate yourself, you can watch the full interview here.

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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I have to commend Jonathan Swan for how well he handled this. I watched it last night; I could not stomach all of it, but I did get through most of it.

I did learn a couple of things: (1) Trump equates a ballot APPLICATION with an actual ballot, and seems to think that dogs and dead people can vote by mail; and (2) he will never forgive John Lewis for not attending his inauguration, therefore, John Lewis’s accomplishments are all invalidated.

Again, kudos to Jonathan Swan. My head would have exploded after about ten seconds, and then I would have been curled up under the chair in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.