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Earlier this month, the United States Office of Special Counsel recommended Kellyanne Conway be fired from her job as Lead White House Leaker, having determined that she repeatedly violated the Hatch Act while employed by the executive branch. She still has that job, of course, but now House Democrats are trying to decide if they should subpoena her to get her to testify.


According to Politico, the House Oversight and Reform Committee plans to hold a hearing on June 26 to discuss the Special Counsel’s allegation. On June 13, they asked Conway to attend that hearing, but have heard nothing. If she doesn’t show up on Wednesday, they’ll vote determine whether or not to issue her a subpoena.

The Hatch Act restricts employees in the executive from engaging in certain political activities; the OSC deemed Conway a “repeat offender,” can’t imagine why!

Even if they do subpoena Conway, she probably won’t show up—Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Attorney General William Barr have all defied similar congressional subpoenas, citing “immunity.”


Still, I’m surprised Conway hasn’t jumped at the chance to testify, since we all know how much she loves divulging information to the masses. This is truly her chance to shine.

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