Hillary Clinton's Campaign Reminds You to Direct Your Hate at the Right Kevin McCarthy

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy became public enemy number 20 or something after giving a speech in which the hopeful House Speaker bragged that the committee tasked with investigating Benghazi was to thank for Hillary Clinton’s dwindling poll numbers—essentially admitting that the committee was a political hit group instead of one concerned with investigating a highly-politicized tragedy.


Now, people are lashing out at @KevinMcCarthy on Twitter for being illiterate and having a degree in #WordSaladConstruction. But @KevinMcCarthy isn’t Rep. Kevin McCarthy. It’s a pretty charming dude from Iowa.

So Clinton’s campaign took advantage of the mix-up with the above surprisingly charming video explaining who is and who isn’t the Kevin McCarthy everyone is looking for.


“I’ve been getting your tweets lately,” Iowa Kevin McCarthy says in the video. “It was really funny at first, and then they just kept going and going and going.”

“I get why you’re mad. This guy, who’s probably going to be the next Speaker of the House just said that the committee that’s supposed to be investigating Benghazi is now focusing it’s attention on Hillary’s emails with an eye towards hurting her poll numbers... It’s gross, but it’s not my fault!”

Clinton is scheduled to testify before the House Benghazi Committee on October 22, and this video is obviously useful in reminding the public of the (very clear) subtext of what McCarthy said.


“If they are going to have it still running, I’ll be there and I’m looking forward to answering real questions about real things,” she said in an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie. She added: “It’s not appropriate what they have done from obviously their own admission.”

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Brene Brawn

I mean, can we make this guy the next speaker of the house tho?