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Last Tuesday, Hillary Clinton had a meeting with the editorial board of New Hampshire’s Conway Daily Sun during which she discussed serious issues including the economy and foreign policy. She also fielded one question about the most serious issue of all: UFOs.


Reporter Daymond Steer asked Clinton about her stance on UFOs, and when the last time one had visited earth.

“I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” she said smiling, even though aliens are not something to smile about. “I think we may have been [visited already]. We don’t know for sure.”


For the anniversary of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, Bill Clinton reportedly had all the event’s records looked over, just to make sure there was no evidence of an alien invasion, he said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. He said he would have told us if he had found anything.

Clinton also noted that her campaign chairman John Podesta, the man who tweeted that his “biggest failure of 2014” was “not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files,” is an alien freak:

“He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” she said. “One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”

In an email to the Huffington Post, Steer clarified that the conversation was lighthearted and that Clinton was joking around. Still, Steer noted, “given her relationship with Podesta and her husband’s track record,” she could be serious.

Just happy at least one candidate is focusing on the things that really matter.

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