Hillary Clinton Successfully Continues Her 'I'm Chill' Tour at Kimmel

Last night, Hillary Clinton continued her tour on the late-night circuit when she made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. At this point, she’s become a familiar face, from appearances Stephen Colbert to Saturday Night Live, where she performs the most relatable iteration of herself.


The same was true with her appearance on Kimmel. He threw her the obligatory softball questions typical of late-night. In turn, Clinton joked about being able to beat her husband in a general election. “If I were going to run against him, would I win? Yeah,” she joked with Kimmel. “You’ve got to have that kind of confidence if you’re going to be in this arena,” she added.

She also offered up some suggestions on what Bill Clinton’s title might be if she won the election: “First dude, first mate, first gentleman? I’m just not sure about it,” Clinton said.

The Democratic frontrunner also participated in one of Kimmel’s go-to gags: the one where kids ostensible say what everyone is thinking. Kimmel introduced her to a “focus group,” which — rather accurately — was a room of elementary school children.


The kids, prompted by Kimmel, insisted that a woman couldn’t be President of the United States, and Clinton took it in stride. “Yeah, I had two brothers, so I kinda get all of this,” she told the children. Politicians and kids are always a winning combination.

As always with these kinds of appearance, it was light on policy questions and Clinton stayed on point for the few that were asked. She refrained from directly criticizing any of her opponents but noted that she didn’t agree with Donald Trump on immigration.

Kimmel also asked her about Jeb Bush’s flailing campaign, and Clinton took the high road. “You know, look,” she said as she smiled and tried not to laugh, “It is really hard to do this.” Between that and Clinton’s measured response to Kimmel’s question about Ben Carson’s idiosyncratic beliefs, Clinton was definitely on her game.

All in all, it was a successful appearance. Clinton was affable and likeable, just as she was supposed to be.

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I like First Gentleman. First Mate sounds either too much like Scientology SeaOrg or like he might command something other than a small team of assistants to get him McDonald’s.