Hillary Clinton Once Had a Dolly Parton-Themed Birthday Party

In a very special #TBT, Hillary Clinton shared a photo of herself with husband Bill Clinton from her 48th birthday party in 1995. This was no average celebration. Clinton was dressed as none other than Dolly Parton.


While there are many fierce looks of Parton’s to choose from, she opted for an old-school, country version of the singer — complete with curly blonde wig, cowboy hat and red gingham skirt. According to the Spokesman-Review at the time (via Huffington Post), 150 guests partied up a storm with some good ol’ square-dancing and a cake shaped like a barn.

While we have yet to see the presidential candidate and the queen of country take a selfie together, Clinton is clearly a big fan. She used Parton’s 1980 hit, “9 to 5” as a campaign song during her 2008 presidential run.


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Image via Clinton’s Twitter.

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Please tell me she drunkenly sang Jolene at this glorious event. If not, we need to expedite time travel to ensure she does.