Hillary Clinton appeared on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere and used the bit to make fun of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, as well as her own positions on issues like the Keystone Pipeline and marriage equality.


In the sketch, Kate McKinnon’s Clinton—a conflicted candidate that’s torn between power, perception and politics—seeks the advice of bartender Val (played, of course, by Hillary Clinton). Val counsels Clinton, they down some vodka and sing a few bars of “Lean on Me.”

As Val, Clinton does a Donald Trump impression and the sketch played on the problems that have plagued Clinton the candidate. “You are really easy to talk to,” McKinnon’s Clinton says to Val. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that,” Clinton replies.


The conceit—that Val is imagined by Clinton—leads to a bit where Clinton tries to convince Huma Abedin (played by Cecily Strong). “She was real,” Clinton says of Val. “And smart, and really nice in person.”

The sketch gets to the very purpose of an SNL appearance: that presidential candidates are likeable and—despite the demands of politics—are just real people with real feelings. Later, Clinton introduced Miley Cyrus.

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