Hi, My Heart Has Exploded Watching This Video of President Obama Meeting Little Miss Flint

We all know President Barack Obama is good with kids, but my god, is this man is trying to kill me with his unmatched adorableness when interacting with our nation’s youth?

After receiving an invite from an eight year-old activist Mari Copeny, President Obama visited Flint, Michigan to discuss the water crisis in the area. Yesterday we were treated to a photo of their absurdly cute meeting, and today there’s video.


Well, that was fucking beautiful.

Mari, who also goes by the title of Little Miss Flint, has the exact reaction I would have if Barack Obama lifted me in his arms and used the word “good” to describe literally anything at all that I’ve ever done.

When your emotions have stabilized a bit, please note Mari’s proud wave when called out by the President in his speech.

Let us enjoy the precious few months we have left of the Obamas in office. And to the parents of America, please begin to work through your feelings now around the possibility of letting Donald Trump hug your kids.


Image via Pete Souza/White House Flickr.

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