Hey Rudy Giuliani, Where Was the Semen?

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Rudy Giuliani, always a champion for a woman as long as he’s not married to her, went on MSNBC this evening to defend Donald Trump against the gleeful admissions of sexual assault he made on a hot mic in 2005.

But the interview quickly devolved into a discussion of Bill Clinton’s real and alleged sex scandals—in particular where the president came during a consensual sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky, which Guiliani curiously asserted was actually a rape.

Anyway, back to the semen. As Guiliani points out, it was on the dress.


I’m glad we’ve cleared this up.

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An Unforeseen Consequence

The way his eyes widen when he says semen...did the drugs kick in right at that moment? Was the thought of semen being anywhere but a lady’s baby making parts (her only important bits obviously) so scandalous to him as to elicit this reaction? Or maybe, just maybe, he really is the hate-monger I’ve been saying he is for years and he really believes his own hype? Methinks the third option.