Here’s What Donald Trump Would Look Like Without His Makeup, and With Other Kinds of Makeup

Early Tuesday afternoon, BuzzFeed illustrator and Photoshop master Jen Lewis showed the world what human-shaped wad of Gak, Donald Trump, would look like without his trademark orange spray tan.


Lewis’s image is an unholy thing—the stuff of a nightmare’s nightmares—but it made me think, What if his Cheetos™ brand spray tan canisters were replaced with other colors?

I took a photo of Trump down the ROYGBIV road to find out.

Red Trump:

Donald “Hellboy” Trump

Orange Trump:

Donald “J” Trump

Yellow Trump:

Donald “Jaundice” Trump

Green Trump:

Donald “It’s Not Easy” Trump

Blue Trump:

Donald “LeAnn Rimes” Trump

Violet Trump:

Donald “You’re Turning Violet, Violet” Trump

Juggalo Trump:

Donald “Miracles” Trump

Said The Slot’s Anna Merlan, “God, he looks so much better blue.”

Images via Getty.

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