On Thursday morning, Fox & Friends viewers (whomst?) were treated to almost 30 minutes of Donald Trump nearly-uninterruptedly monologuing, in an aural wall of heated, sodium-and-conspiracy-fueled rasp. During the interview—which was barely that—Fox & Friends hosts were able to interject with broad questions only if they really yelled them.

Most notably during the segment, Trump confirmed that he had spent “a day or so, a day or two” in Moscow in 2013—previet, dossier—which he had previously denied, according to James Comey.

Other topics he hit upon: the electoral college, Kanye West, Diamond and Silk, “female unemployment,” sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd, NBC, ratings, the electoral college, running a foot race, how he would prefer an election based on the popular vote (okay?), Melania, how it’s her birthday, how he didn’t get her anything but a card.

A fun game to play with the full interview (below) is to see how far you can get into it before voluntarily institutionalizing yourself.