Here Is 11 Minutes of Real Stand-Up Comedy From Kellyanne Conway

Today, Kellyanne Conway is just a husk of a person. But that wasn’t always so—she used to enjoy “humor.” Let’s enjoy a November 1998 clip of her performing some stand-up comedy in the DC’s Funniest Celebrity charity event.

Her material is not great—she makes fun of a Jewish-sounding name and gives a long lead-up to a joke about child abuse—but she does have one good bit, about “pundettes.” “Someone who goes on TV constantly,” she says, “and just says the same thing over and over and over and over again, but never wears the same thing twice.” Sounds awfully familiar.

But, at least, let’s relish a time where Kellyanne still has color in her face, where she seems joyful, where she’s laughing—a Kellyanne we will never know.


Watch the clip below:

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OMG that Philly accent makes me want to call my family and tell them to shut up.