Here Comes the 'Yass Queen' Nancy Pelosi Crowd

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At exactly 11:10 a.m., my mom sent me the following text: “Nancy just now clapped back big time at a member of the press👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽” It was accompanied by an animated Bitmoji-type rendering of herself dabbing. Of course, I knew the Nancy in this scenario would be Nancy Pelosi, but what, I wondered, inspired the “clap back” my mom, much to my chagrin, had referred to?

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Maybe I set my expectations too high, because I was hoping for a full out brawl between Pelosi and some dweeb from OAN. Instead, we got the following: A Sinclair (woof) reporter asked Pelosi if she hates President Trump, to which Pelosi responded with a firm, “I don’t hate anybody. I was raised in a Catholic house, we don’t hate anybody.”


I’m not Catholic, but sure!

Pelosi said that she prayed for Trump every day and warned the reporter, not to “mess with her” when it “comes to words like that.” There was a lot of finger-wagging—she called Trump a coward—and enough moments of piety, I would assume, to make any lapsed Catholic groan.

And right on cue came the yas kween brigade, my mom happily rallying among their ranks:


I mean, okay! Compared to what has usually triggers an avalanche of frenzied accolades for Pelosi (putting on sunglasses that one time, clapping at Trump that one time, standing up that one time) I suppose this is relatively substantive “yas kween” material. At least Pelosi took a moment to call out Trump’s inaction on gun control and his cruel policies toward undocumented immigrants. But Pelosi’s a characteristically frank politician, one who regularly calls out questions she finds unfair or unflattering. Some may find that inspiring, to me, she’s just being Nancy!


Meanwhile, the right is busy being one note, as usual: Characterizing Pelosi’s firm response as an unhinged meltdown.


So all of our brains are broken thanks to Twitter. Neat!

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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I am sick of his supporters constant insistence people only oppose Trump because they hate him.