Hello from New Hampshire! Join Jezebel for a Picturesque Weekend of Primary Politics

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Aloha from the campaign trail! We’re staying by an electrical station in Manchester, New Hampshire for a few days to cover some events leading up to the New Hampshire primary, which will be taking place on Tuesday, February 9. Will we run into Carly Fiorina eating a hardboiled egg in a diner? Will we catch Bernie Sanders interacting with a dog? Will we discover where the #CruzCamp is located and find ourselves some boyfriends? Stay tuned!


First up, we’ll be covering tonight’s MSNBC-Union Leader impromptu Democratic Debate LIVE from the University of New Hampshire at 9 pm (here’s how to stream it)—the first debate since sweet Martin O’Malley decided he’d had enough. Join us for up-to-the-minute updates on how our political parents look in real life, if the audience seems to be digging it, and whether or not they give the press section any drinks or snacks. It’s going to be great.

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Image by Joanna Rothkopf, you’re welcome.

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As much as I try to wrap my head around it, as your neighbour, I can’t really comprehend the American election process. You guys have a really weird, long, convoluted way of picking which asshole is going to be your president/dickhead/meme-fodder for the next four years.

Did you just do this to be difficult? To be different from the British (and everybody else by extension)? Is this like that time with the metric system, when you could have changed but like “nahhh, we’re good doing things the REALLY confusing way we’ve always done it.”

And that’s without any of the electoral college nonsense even coming into play yet.

Also, get this stuff off my TV. I don’t even live there and I’ve had to listen to people talk about Trump for like a year and you guys won’t even vote until November.

*shakes fist angrily at nothing*