Head of ICE Would Like You to Please Stop Being So Mean About ICE Agents

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In a White House roundtable bashing California’s sanctuary policies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Acting Director Thomas Homan whined about ICE’s bad reputation among Democrats. Poor thing.

“I’m tired, I’m sick and tired of the constant vilification of these men and women who leave their home every day and strap a gun to their hip, leave the safety and security of their families to defend this nation, and to defend their neighborhoods,” Homan said.


The Justice Department has sued California over santuary city laws that refuse to comply with the federal government’s overzealous attempts to deport undocumented immigrants. Under Trump, ICE has gone into a frenzy, specifically targeting sanctuary cities and conducting raids and arrests at businesses and schools; arrests of undocumented immigrants without criminal records has doubled. As a result, immigrant communities and communities of color live in fear of surveillance and increased threat of deportation. ICE’s newest marching orders include targeting the people who sponsor undocumented children while their cases work their way through immigration courts. Recent ICE detainees include a man who helped with 9/11 recovery efforts, a freaking U.S. citizen, and a high school student.

And yet! Homan insists that that the true victims are ICE agents themselves and laughably asserts that ICE has “does more to protect immigrant communities than any politician ever has done.”

Fuck off.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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Amen, brother. Got to strap a gun to your hip and defend the nation against those dangerous dishwashers; against bright children keening for higher education; against the people who are, at this very moment, fixing your plumbing, tending your garden, and painting your home.

Despite PhDs in their countries of origin; despite fleeing lethal violence at home; despite consistent kindness and work ethic; despite the daily humiliations, degradation, and mistreatment.

Despite the fact that the vast majority are of Native American descent.

But you do you, brother.