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Barf BagWelcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.

Welcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.


Beefin’ over flags wow 2018 is wild.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Draaaaama. The American flag returned to half-staff over the White House late this afternoon to mark the death of Senator John McCain. You may recall a bit of a hubbub this morning when the flag flew at full staff less than 48 hours after McCain’s passing. Mess. [New York Times]
  • Speaking of McCain, did you know that he wanted Matt Damon to depict him in a movie? [Page Six]
  • Oh, and Chuck Schumer wants to rename the Senate office building after McCain. Mitch McConnell doesn’t seem crazy about the idea. [The Hill]
  • Trump is threatening to drop out of the North American Free Trade Agreement and instead create a trade agreement with Mexico and a separate one with Canada. In reality, nobody seems to know what the fuck is actually happening on this front. [CNN]
  • The Trump administration wants your student loan debt and predatory lenders to ruin your life. Great. [NPR]
  • The Mooch is producing an off-Broadway musical based on the Trump family and I’m ABSOLUTELY GOING TO SEE IT:
  • Alabama death row inmates can now choose how the state kills them. Talk about an illusion of choice. [NY Daily News]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish today:


This has been Barf Bag.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Look, I tuned out of American politics (and Jezebel) for a bit because I couldn’t handle it. My depression spiked, my partner got sick, work was crazy (I got promoted, yay), and our own politics took precedent (we have a new prime minister guys, he’s pure evil yay). But I was privileged enough to do it, because while Trump is CRAZY, his actions impact the USA far more and more quickly than any flow on effects to Australia. So I could afford to just...forget him. For a bit.

Tuning back in now? Holy. Disposable. Waste. Guys.

Is Trump getting worse?! Or was it always just this bad and I’ve lost my tolerance? Are things really lurching that quickly down the trash shoot, people, or is it relatively the same, I’ve just forgotten about it???