Gwyneth Is All in for Buttigieg!

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Where’s my Buttigieg-themed vagina steamer?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Pete Buttigieg is officially Hollywood’s 2020 candidate of choice. Variety reports that Gwyneth Paltrow is co-hosting a fundraising event on May 9 in support of Buttigieg. In fact Buttigieg will be attending several fundraising events around Los Angeles hosted by miscellaneous monied folks over the next couple of months, including an event at Ryan Murphy’s house. It’s unclear why Buttigieg of all people is Hollywood’s new sweetheart, but there’s a joke about vapidity in here somewhere... [Vanity Fair]
  • Senator Kamala Harris supports adding a third gender option on federal identification. [Politico]
  • When Congressman Steve King thinks about the sacrifices Jesus made, he’s like: “Same.” [CNN]
  • A weak version of a United Nations rape resolution finally passed after it was edited to appease the Trump administration’s cruel stance on abortion. [Guardian]
  • The McCains arent’y officially backing Joe Biden, actually. [New York Magazine]
  • Uhhhhh

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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Mexico’s Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border. Better not happen again!

This is some extremely impressive diplomacy right here. Accusing another country’s army of working with drug cartels then following it up with the weakest scold possible. That is the scold a teacher uses when they don’t know which kid actually did it and won’t be punishing anyone. But more importantly, YOU JUST SAID THAT A FOREIGN COUNTRY IS AIDING ILLEGAL DRUG SMUGGLING OPERATIONS. This border situation is not going to end well and it will all be because this petulant child didn’t get his wall and decided to escalate the tension to untenable heights.