Guitar-Toting Dad Martin O'Malley Probably Should Not Have Sung Bad Blood On TV

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Tuesday morning, presidential candidate and Ken doll Martin O’Malley appeared on The View to promote his new album, Live From 1600 Penn. On the show, O’Malley explained that since Katy Perry was planning on stopping by an Iowa rally for one of his unnamed competitors this weekend, he felt it was necessary to respond in song.


So, O’Malley sang Bad Blood badly on The View.

The song choice demonstrated the pop culture literacy of at least one of his staffers, since the song is widely believed to have been written about Katy Perry. So, in his 20 second spot, O’Malley managed to reference one of the biggest pop rivalries and one of the smallest political rivalries of our time, remind us that he is good-looking but generally unchill, and confirm in my mind that a white man who is eager to play his guitar in public belongs in one of the deepest circles of Hell.


Watch the performance below:

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