Guess Who Showed Up for Work at the Senate After the Blizzard? A Bunch of Women

It’s tough getting back to work after a big snowstorm. I guess it’s extra hard for men, because apparently it was an all-female crew that turned up at the Senate this morning.


The Washington Post reports that it was Senator Lisa Murkowski who spotted what all the attendees had in common:

The Alaska Republican was one of only a few lawmakers in the Capitol building following the weekend blizzard, and it was her job to handle the formalities of delaying Senate business until her colleagues could get back to work. After finishing a bit of parliamentary business, she described what she saw in the ornate chamber.

“As we convene this morning, you look around the chamber, the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female.”


It was a coincidence. As much as a room full of women who turned up for work while their male colleagues sit at home ever is, of course.

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Honestly, I think it’s because as a female you are worried you’ll be judged if you don’t show up. Dudes just take for granted that they can stay home when they are sick, their kid is sick, or it’s dangerous to travel.