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Early this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his well-intentioned plan to create the state’s first ever “Women’s Building” in cooperation with the NoVo Foundation. So, on behalf of all women, I’ll go ahead and thank the governor for giving us a building all to ourselves.


The actual building will be in a soon-to-be renovated Manhattan correctional facility (sweet Cuomo is giving us our very own jail), will reportedly create 300 jobs and $43 million in annual economic activity, and even feature a pink door.

Illustration for article titled Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Women Our Very Own Repurposed Jail

From the press release:

The former Bayview Correctional Facility, a 100,000 square-foot space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, will be renovated by the NoVo Foundation and the Goren Group to include dedicated working space for women-centric community service organizations, as well as a restaurant, art gallery, and additional office space for technology and innovation tenants.

“Today we are continuing our efforts to shatter the glass ceiling by taking down an institution of defeat and turning it into opportunity and social reform for women,” Cuomo said in a statement. “The Women’s Building is an example of our strength and leadership as the capital of progressivism in this nation—and when other states look to New York, they will see yet another symbol of a community coming together to enhance the future and potential of its people.”

The idea itself is a good one—even Feminist Matriarch Gloria Steinem has endorsed its creation calling it “long overdue”—but Cuomo’s office’s announcement of the project struck us as fairly tone deaf.


Cuomo’s office had not responded to request for comment by the time of publication.

Watch the official announcement for the cool project below:

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