Goodbye Ivanka Trump (TM)

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Ivanka Trump is shuttering her namesake fashion brand, the Wall Street Journal reports. Goodbye generic sheath dresses conveniently worn at high-profile campaign events and White House functions; goodbye to shoes that got the company sued multiple times for copyright infringement; goodbye to all of it!


More from WSJ:

Abigail Klem, who took over as president of the brand last spring, informed its 18 employees Tuesday that the company would be shutting down. Ms. Trump is set to address the staff later in the day.

Ms. Trump had contemplated the move in recent months as she grew frustrated by the restrictions she placed on the company, IT Collection LLC, to avoid possible conflicts of interest while serving in the White House.

Ms. Trump said Tuesday she was uncertain whether she would return to the retail industry once she leaves Washington.

“After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington,” she said. “So making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners.”

Frustrated by the restrictions placed on the company to avoid possible conflicts of interest while serving in the White House. How terrible that must have been!

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Every single time I am at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack and I reach for something and then realize it’s Ivanka’s brand, I instantly recoil and shudder.