Donald Trump looks like he has been spray-tanned in Cheetos Orange. I know it, Madeleine Davies (coiner of the perfect phrase “Cheeto-dusted bloviator”) knows it, Ben Shapiro apparently knows it. We all know it. Glenn Beck was like, “But do you really know it, though?” and stuck his face in a bowl of snack.


“This is original flavor and they’ve been crushed,” said Beck before degrading himself on his radio show Friday afternoon.

Also, bless the soul of the man who was assigned Flamin’ Hot.

Illustration for article titled Glenn Beck Stuck His Face Into Cheetos to Look Like Donald Trump and It Makes Me Feel Bad

Watch the video above, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, if you want to see a number of be-goggled middle-aged men valiantly attempt to compete with the young idiots of the internet. It is sobering.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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