Girl Still Thinks Santa is Real, Thinks Trump Kids Are Fake

Collman Lloyd, the seven-year-old who had the unfortunate experience of speaking with Donald Trump on Christmas Eve when she called into NORAD’s Santa tracker and had her belief in Santa Claus described as “marginal,” now has some questions of her own for the man who tried to crush her young spirit.


The Post and Courier followed up with Lloyd, and we learn that she still believes in Santa Claus and that she got an American Girl doll on Christmas. Nice. She also raised a very good point—Santa is definitely real, but are Trump’s children?

“Most people know this question. I would like to ask if he has any kids,” she said to the Post and Courier, when asked what she would say to Trump if she had a chance to talk with him again. “I’ve honestly never heard of them or seen any of them so I was wondering.”


If only we were as lucky as Collman.

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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Childhood: What a beautiful parallel universe, in which there is a Santa and there aren’t any Trump kids.