Get Ready Because the Trump Children Have a Lot to Say About the Mueller Report

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To the disappointment of my mom (and her “It’s Mueller Time” mug), the reported conclusions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation were something of an anticlimax: Attorney General William Barr’s summary was not the smoking gun many Democrats had been fantasizing about, reporting that there was insufficient evidence for a finding of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Despite the fact that full details of the report and scope of its findings have yet to be made public, the Trump family is already doing a victory lap.


Trump has spent the weekend bragging on Twitter, much as before: “No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”

His adult children got in on the jubilation as well. Ivanka Trump went with a subtweet quoting Abraham Lincoln:


Eric Trump appeared to be a little more bitter:

Eric mad:


But then nostalgic:


Predictably, Don Jr. retweeted every Twitter conservative with an ounce of clout. He also chimed in with his own unique perspectives:


A trusty Notes app statement, as one does:


With a dash of delusion:


And whatever this is:


And then.... a James Woods retweet:


Meanwhile, Tiffany Trump hasn’t updated her social media accounts since wishing her younger brother Barron Trump happy birthday on March 21. She appears to be too busy minding her own business.

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His children are the worst kind of stupid: they actually believe that they got to their positions without any help from their father. And they’re so dumb, that they don’t realize the danger that the NYAG and NY UAO poses to their business.

Also, what’s the deal with James Woods?  Has he gone full Trumpanzee because he doesn’t have a career anymore?