George Washington Rises From the Dead, Chokes on Vomit and Dies Again

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The only-ONLY-perverse joy I’ve been siphoning out of the Donald Trump presidency right now is that he, too, seems constantly pissed off and miserable. Remember that New York Magazine headline “Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President”? It was a gift, and I think back on it often and fondly.


But NO, apparently he does like to be President, or maybe he just wants to spite CNN for the rest of his God-given life. The network has captured audio from Trump’s speech at a Republican fundraising event at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, in which he joked about being “president for life.” The remarks, referring to the Communist Party of China’s recent proposal to dispense with term limits, are chilling:

“Don’t forget China’s great, and [President Xi Jinping] is now president for life. [Laughter] Hey look, I think it’s great, and look, he was able to do that. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot someday.”

He likes to float democracy-threatening ideas out there in joke form–like police brutality, nuclear annihilation, and accusing Democrats of treason. It sounds too ludicrous to take seriously, but he is also considered insane, and this whole publicity stunt presidency has already gone on way too long.


Saturday also marked his 100th day at a Trump golf property.

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Y’know, I am normally given to bloviation and extending a screed far past the point of serviceability, but in this case, I think a question others have asked will do:

“What if President Obama had said/done these things?”

Seriously. You’ll never get a coherent answer from the folks who still throw their entire support behind Trump, because they don’t know how to detect their own hypocrisy.

You’ll never get a coherent answer from folks who voted for Trump along party lines, realize they fucked up, but are still sticking to their guns, because they are all too aware of their hypocrisy, and not in a big hurry to expose it.

...and you’ll never get a straight answer from a sitting politician, because their primary aim is re-election above all else, and admitting that the Sword of Damocles dangles over your head is not a good look heading into a mid-term.