George W. Bush Thought Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech Was Some 'Weird Shit' Too

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Image via Getty.

President Donald Trump, a soggy Cheeto in a broken toilet bowl, gave a speech at his inauguration that really blew everyone’s socks off as it gushed forcefully from his windbag mouth. Even former President George W. Bush, who is not considered one of the great orators of our time, was disturbed.


Yashar Ali of New York Magazine alleges that three different people in attendance told him they heard Bush assess Trump’s speech as he scampered off the dais. Short, but sweet:

“That was some weird shit.”

George W. Bush isn’t an adorable, bird-painting grandpa-butterfly emerging from a poncho cocoon, though he seems to be attempting some sort of redemption tour the last few years. In comparison to Trump, however, he’s practically coming across as a political analyst with this one. Sadly, a spokesman for Bush declined to comment on the rumor. Bush himself has been too busy to comment:


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Guys, Trump has done the impossible and made me nostalgic for Bush. I would gratefully trade him into the office of President in a heartbeat. That is how bad things are. And it pisses me off that Trump is making Bush, who was an AWFUL president, be whitewashed with positive sentiment. But here we are.