One delightful thing about this campaign season will surely be the smart, self-aware, non-obnoxious ways people who don’t like Hillary Clinton talk about her. Like the always reliable media critics at Fox & Friends, who are merely pointing out that isn’t her campaign, in a way, just “bra-burning”?

That’s the excellent take from Heather Nauert, the Friends’ newest chipper blonde lady, whose quote we saw via Media Matters. Clinton has argued that she doesn’t represent “the establishment” because she’s running to be the first woman in the Oval Office. (Yes: the “establishment” debate is still raging, somehow.)

But here’s Nauert to settle things:

HEATHER NAUERT: I wonder how her remark about, oh, I’m certainly not an establishment candidate, I’m the first woman running for president. I wonder how that bra-burning is going to play this year. Maybe that was something that people liked four years ago, or previously, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going over too well.

A great sentiment both grammatically and otherwise. Congrats as always to Fox for raising the bar.


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