Former Miss Teen USA Recalls Being Warned That Trump 'Doesn't Like Black People'

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In a series of tweets published Wednesday night, former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford said that she was warned during her 2010 reign that Donald Trump “doesn’t like black people,” and to not “take it the wrong way.”

“As the first WOC to win the title in almost a decade — I was forewarned prior to meeting him that, ‘Mr. Trump doesn’t like black people. So don’t take it the wrong way if he isn’t extremely welcoming towards you. If he is, then u just must be the ‘type’ of black he likes,’” she wrote.


Crawford also said, responding to a follower, that she didn’t have any personal experience with Trump being predatory “in the traditional sense,” but that he “definitely used his power to lure girls in.” She replied to another Twitter user, who asked “what ‘type’ the other black girl was that he didn’t like,” that the contestant was a “gorgeous, darker comple[c]ted queen. Stunning. But not his ‘type’.”


This is completely awful, and completely unsurprising!

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