Finally, We Have Donald Trump's Opinion on Burkas

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As part of the year-long promenade over broken glass that is America’s primary process, today Donald Trump delivered some thoughts on burkas, which he thinks maybe women like because it means they don’t have to wear makeup.


The Boston Globe reports that Trump was speaking to the topic of U.S. foreign policy and whether the nation should push back against countries that want to require the burka:

“Why are we fighting that?” the presidential candidate asked to cheers in the crowd, and added the United States should “let them” wear what they want.

Trump, waving a hand across his face, also said women might prefer wearing burkas because it obviates the need for make-up.


If you have an additional questions for Mr. Trump—widely recognized as the world’s most fascinating lint-covered sentient Cheeto—please be sure to ask them before one of these other nerds gets the nomination and he drops out of the election to go start a new gold-plated, yelling-based reality TV show franchise.

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