Fact Checking Anti-Abortion Talking Points at CPAC

“I think President Trump has been doing a great job on abortion,” Day Gardner, founder and President of The National Black Pro-Life Union, told Jezebel on the first day of Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


Gardner’s perspective was shared by most women at CPAC who shared with us their opinions on reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood, and the Trump administration. Rather than give them a straight platform for disseminating misinformation about Planned Parenthood, we’ve fact-checked some of the most common talking points.

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The “Against abortion? Then don’t have one” might seem overly facile, but it’s the basic truth, and why anti-abortion legislation is profoundly un-American. One person’s faith might believe that a fertilized ovum is to be considered fully human, but another’s might say that it’s not until that baby takes its first breath. And then there are those who don’t follow any faith. Laws against abortion are really enforced theology, and enforcement of a particular theology at that. Certainly ironic that this same crowd freaks the hell out at the idea of Sharia law (not to mention their backing of military budgets and cuts to programs for the poor and disabled).