Explaining Elizabeth Warren, Who Will Crush Me With Her Plans in a Good Way

Do you wish you knew more about every Democrat running for president? But you also have a life or at least pretend to and don’t want to waste the little precious moments you have Googling my two-dozen wretched sons and daughters? (Tough, but fair.) Not to worry—I’ve taken on the task of explaining what you need to know about each of the 2020 candidates in 60 seconds or less.

Elizabeth Warren, owner of a beautiful normie dog and Massachusetts senator, is slowly making her way up the polls. She’s the candidate with the most detailed policy plans and the one most feared by Wall Street’s big bank boys.


Producer and Editor: Phoebe Bradford, Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Camera: Santiago Garcia

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She scares those in power on Wall Street evidenced by the daily frantic rants by the National Review, Wall Street Journal and Fox News. They even run different variations of the same article by different opinion journalist just to keep the radical, Socialist, un American drumbeat narrative going. Their slight problem - people are liking what they hear about her common sense, middle class specific plans with payment solutions.  And candidate Warren has many months to combat the financial elites bumper sticker attacks.