Everybody Had a Blast At the Vatican, Why Do You Ask?

Images via AP.

Donald Trump visited his enemy Pope Francis on Wednesday in Vatican City, and by the looks of it, everyone had a lovely time.

His Holiness and guests posed for pictures:


...joked around:

...continued to smile big for the cameras:




The Pope and POTUS had a nice conversation:


...met each other’s friends (via pool report):

The first person pool saw POTUS introduce to Pope Francis was Rex Tillerson. “This is my secretary of state,” POTUS explained. H.R. McMaster was next. POTUS introduced him by name. When POTUS introduced Hope Hicks to the pope, your pooler believes he told him she has worked for him for a long time.

Then Dan Scavino, Brian Hook, Keith Schiller and others.

...sat down together and really connected:


...and exchanged meaningful gifts:


Okay bye!

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