Eat Shit Twice, Ivanka

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Ivanka! Hi, hello. Okay, so...

Fuck off.

And fuck off.


Later, sis!

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Ashley Reese

Ivanka has a lot of nerve supporting the empowerment of women on the anniversary of (non-black) women’s right to vote when she favors a party that wants to limit the control women have over their bodies, a party that has no interest in increasing the minimum wage, a party that is anti-welfare, a party that doesn’t think women have the right to health care (how are you going to do jack shit when you’re ill, or too broke from paying off medical bills), a party that...whew! Lemme stop.

And those crocadile tears over mass shootings mean very little when she supports the party of guns > people.

So Ivanka, sis...