Donald Trump's Spokesperson Rules at Twitter

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Hello, is this the fire department? I am calling to report a sick burn.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on television rocking a very chill necklace made of bullets, one that could be perceived as an obvious attempt at provoking gun control activists.


They were understandably provoked, but Pierson, armed with her campaign’s total lack of conduct guidelines, was ready to retort.



Double dang. Thank God for Katrina Pierson.

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The Noble Renard

Wow, I looked her up. She’s a piece of work. Tried to primary Pete Sessions in 2014 and lost. In 2011 she was leading seminars about the “UN Agenda 21” conspiracy, and when campaigning and consulting for Ted Cruz in 2012, she was still drawing over $10,000 in unemployment benefits.

She also is as an African-American and appears to have fallen into the Alan Keyes stream of things, saying in 2011 that: “I grew up with a mom who was in the redistribution of wealth society.” In that interview she also said that the first thing that truly made her dislike Obama was that he wasn’t wearing a flag lapel pin during the campaign. No fucking joke. She also clearly showed she had no idea how government works because she was angry at Obama for, as U.S. Senator, not doing something about an abortion law she felt was bad in Illinois.

She’s apparently been a Tea Party activist since pretty much Day One of the Tea Party.