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In an interview with CNN, Ivanka Trump said her father would be “amazing” and “incredible for women in this country” after defending the presidential candidate’s controversial comments in regards to Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina. During the first GOP debate, Trump said Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” and made rude remarks about Fiorina’s looks in a recent Rolling Stone article.


“I think a lot of the sensationalism around this was orchestrated largely by the media,” Ivanka said to CNN anchor Poppy Harlow. “Look, my father is very blunt. He’s very direct. He is not gender specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn’t particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they’re wrong on a particular issue.”

Ivanka claims she wouldn’t be a “high-level executive within his organization if he felt that way.” Okay, but what about the other women in the world who are not his spawn? She continued, “He’s always supported and encouraged women and truthfully, has proven that over decades through his employment practices, through his hiring practices.” Okay, but what about the women of this country who are not employed by Trump?


Ivanka also spoke about her friendship with Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. “It has not been an issue for us. I have great respect for her, she’s been a great friend to me,” she said. “I’ve been a great friend to her. So, you know, the politics of our parents is not relevant to our friendship.”

In 2006, Donald Trump told the cast of The View that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he might date her. Following that appearance, his spokesperson issued a statement that he was joking.

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