Photo: Pixar

While the world suffers the immediate consequences of one man’s horrible mistakes, that man was reportedly sitting in the White House watching Finding Dory, an animated children’s film about fish starring the voice of Ellen DeGeneres.

White House staff and family members, along with turgid clownfish Donald Trump, started watching the movie at 3 P.M. on Sunday according to The Hill, around the same time that this was happening:


and this:

oh and this:


All of which is in response to executive orders Trump himself signed on Friday to implement immigration restrictions that target Muslims and refugees.

This is the first White House movie screening of Trump’s term, and it’s not clear why he chose the film, but I’m going to go with either 1. short attention span or 2. trolling the entire world again. Or maybe, very optimistically, it’s a screening for kids. Whatever the reason, the timing could not be less appropriate.


But, I mean, what else do you expect? This is Trump. Unlike Nero, I’m fairly certain he can’t play the fiddle.

[via The Hill]