Illustration for article titled Donald Trump Told Dr. Oz He Kisses His Hot Daughter Every Chance He Gets

Donald Trump’s much-touted “medical” interview with Dr. Oz filmed today, and according to reports it was a delightful grab bag of details about kissing his daughter and the state of his prostate.


NBC’s Katy Tur—herself a recurring pain in Trump’s prostate—spoke with an audience member who witnessed the interview, which is set to air tomorrow. Among the insights:

  • His blood pressure is “good”
  • He takes medication for his cholesterol
  • There’s no evidence he’s ever had a heart attack
  • He had a normal prostate exam

Oh, and Dr. Oz reportedly told Trump that “It’s nice to see a dad kiss his daughter,” and then Trump said he “kisses her every chance that I get” and then we all threw up together collectively remembering the time he said he’d date her if he hadn’t made her. What a ride!


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